Speak – 2016

With the end of my year of Creating, I realized a lot of things. Not only had I taken time to return to some of my favorite creative endeavors, I had also created a new, healthier situation for myself. But, thinking about it, I came to realize that the thing I had created most was room for myself to Speak.

speakup howardlake
via Howard Lake on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Speak is my new word for 2016. I have, by this point, written pretty extensively about my personality type and the progress I have been making in learning about myself. Speak continues in this vein as a challenge to my modus operandi. As an Enneagram type 9, I am a “peacemaker.” This typically means that I will do almost anything to try to preserve my inward sense of peace. Often this is a suppression of my own opinions, wants or needs in favor of letting others do what they want. This is constantly at odds with my main cognitive function as an ISFP, which is basically to be my authentic self. Normally, I placate both of these urges by acknowledging and restating my own convictions inwardly while allowing others to think whatever it is they think as publicly as they want to.

This year, my goal is to Speak instead.

I want to be one who is actively creating peace, not passively holding onto my false notions of it.



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