My Day

Yesterday, I would have done a touchdown dance if one of the principals would have walked in to do an observation.  Today, I was hoping they would avoid me because we were just putting the structure and vocabulary onto the end of the exploration from yesterday.  But, lo and behold, I ended up having TWO observations by different principals today.  So, of course, I was thinking, “#%@$, they’re going to think I do the lecture thing every day. Why couldn’t they have come yesterday!?”

Observation 1 (end of 1st block):

“Mr. Browning Couch was at the board teaching but as he talked he frequently walked to students desk to see their work. He had one student standing at the door. The students were instructed to work one problem and Mr. BC walked out the door to speak with the standing student. The two interventionists in the room worked with the students in the room. Two minutes later Mr. BC came back in the room and put a student’s work up for the students to review. He had the student explain “how he knew how to do this” and then he probed further with “why?”. He asked another student to explain what the student did and then replied “What good use of vocabulary! Did you notice the vocabulary she used?” He then repeated the vocabulary and thanked the student. He gave the students 5 problems to do in class and handed them each a sticky note. Their exit slip was to write one of their answers on it. This was an excellently managed class.”

Observation 2 (middle of 4th block):

“Challenging mathematical problem but you created at least three teachable moments within the lesson. You allowed students to arrive at the correct answer through practice and debate. This was an exceptional class!”

Turned out pretty well if you ask me!



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