Getting Here

I have always known I wanted to work with teenagers.  In college, I studied to become an audio engineer at a school with great ties to the music industry in Nashville. But, somewhere along the time between my sophomore and junior years, I knew it was no longer what I wanted to be doing.  I had a severe aversion to ending up in a “desk job” and realized that most of my life would be spent alone pushing buttons and moving levers on a very expensive desk.  I toyed with changing my major or doubling in physics or art (my minors), but decided against it.  So, upon graduation, I moved to West Virginia to live at a church and volunteer with youth in the community I had worked in for the past few summers.  At the end of that year, I married my best friend and we moved to Chattanooga. I had no leads and was jobless for months, applying everywhere I could get my hands on an application, but education kept coming up and opportunities eventually did as well.  After a short stint as a pizza-maker and a longer one as an aide at a school for children with severe disabilities, I came across a teacher residency program accepting applicants who had a degree in a STEM field.  Lucky for me, audio engineering is a technology and I made it into the program.  Teaching has felt like home from day one of the residency program.  It is a marriage of my passions, and I love being with my students day after day.  I’m now starting the second semester of my first year in my own classroom, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.  I hope to be here in the teaching profession for a long time, growing wiser and getting better.




  1. I love this, Andrew: “It is a marriage of my passions, and I love being with my students day after day.” Good for you. Welcome to the best profession on the planet.

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